What we do

Integrated Communication Planning

We follow uniform and comprehensive process to deliver business value at each stage of communications planning – from establishing feasible objectives to evaluation of results for further communication activities.

We validate communication objectives

WHAT is the big challenge?


We identify core audience

WHO is the most valuable consumer?


We define media consumption patterns

HOW do they consume media today?


We outline decision making process

HOW do they make decisions today?


We create communication strategy

HOW will we engage them?


We select channels for communciation

WHICH channels will we use – when, where and how?


We run and manage communication plan

HOW do we make it happen?


We evaluate results against objectives

WHAT did we deliver, measure and learn?


Digital Communication Planning

Certified team of digital specialists employ full ecosystem of digital communication – from display channels to social media platforms.

Image and awareness campaigns

We create, administrate and analyze display campaigns across all available online media channels.


Traffic aquisition campaigns

We employ SEO, paid search, RTB, affiliate programs to generate traffic to your web-site / e-shop.


Visitor conversion optimization

We apply numerous methods to increase visitor conversion rate: traffic statistics and analytics, site / e-shop hot spotting, A/B testing, optimization of conversion funnel.


Contact retention

To retain visitor we apply re-marketing, newsletter marketing methods, optimize visitor loyalty programs.


Consumer, Media & Brand Research

We have the industry-leading capability and data for media research, insight, and evaluation in Lithuania. However only our clients benefit from our proprietary research, the “Consumer Connection System” (CCS) – the most in-depth consumer, communication, product category and media research, based on survey of 3000+ respondents in Lithuania.

Consumer research

We define the most valuable consumers in demographic and psychographic perspective, learn about their passions and interests, disclose the motivations behind their purchase.


Brand and Category research

We discover motivations and needs within client category, define purchase decision path, outline the roles of the category/product in people’s lives.


Communication research

We analyze where, when and how should we communicate to client’s target groups, what tone of voice should be applied.


Media research

We decide how do we target client’s consumers most effectively, how does the media usage of the different target groups differ, and what is the impact of each of 50+ BOE media touchpoints to communication objectives.